Dolors Vaquč

Dolors Vaquč was born in Barcelona (1953). She is a Research Senior Scientist at the Institute of Marine Sciences (CSIC) and her field of interest is Microbial Ecology including the role of viruses within the microbial food webs. In concrete she is studying the carbon fluxes between bacteria and protists and the effect of the viral shunt. How protists and viruses will control bacterial biomass, production and promote changes in bacterial diversity. Furthermore, she is interested in the identification, isolation and virus host-range specificity of marine microorganisms. These studies are carried out in different marine systems like the Mediterranean Sea (open waters, and in the Blanes Microbial Observatory), Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans (deep sea), and even more specially in Polar waters (Arctic and Antarctica).

Up to day, she has participated in 5 Antarctic oceanographic cruises, on Board of the R/V BIO-Hespérides, and she remained for 45 days in the Antarctic Spanish Base. Finally she is also doing research in Arctic regions (Canadian and Norwegian Arctic Ocean).

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