Verónica Fuentes

Verónica Fuentes has worked on the biology and ecology of Antarctic and Mediterranean zooplankton species and on the bentho-pelagic coupling since 2000 when she finished her diplom degree. During her PhD studies about the zooplankton communities of Potter Cove (King George Island, Antarctica) she has been working in research Institutes in Spain (Instituto de CC del Mar, CSIC), Germany (Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, AWI), Canada (ISMER, Rimouski) and Argentine (Argentinean Antarctic Institute) and participated in 7 Antarctic research cruises.

Along her scientific carrier she participated in 15 international projects working with several planktonic and benthic key Antarctic species, developing studies on zooplankton distribution patterns, trophic ecology, reproduction and growth. She is especially interested on bentho-pelagic coupling and on the eco-physiology of planktonic and benthic organisms. She has published 27 papers in scientific journals, 2 book chapters and has also published her work in several science popularization magazines.

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