Honorary Presidents

For their valuable work in boosting, promoting and encouraging Antarctic science nationally and internationally, we are more than pleased to designate Dr. Wolf Arntz and Dr. Josefina Castellví as Honorary Presidents of the XIth SCAR Biology Symposium.


Chair of the LSOC


Local Scientific Organizing Committee, LSOC

Verónica Fuentes (ICM-CSIC), Enrique Isla (ICM-CSIC), Dolors Vaqué (ICM-CSIC), Begoña Vendrell-Simón (ICM-CSIC, APECS), Rebeca Zapata Guardiola (Secretary of the LSOC, ICM-CSIC, APECS), Leopoldo García Sancho (UCM), Andrés Barbosa (MNCN-CSIC), Antonio Quesada (UAM), Pablo López (US), Sergio Rossi (UAB), Cruz Palacín (UB), Carlos Duarte (IMEDEA-CSIC), Covadonga Orejas (IEO), Ana Ramos (IEO), M.Angeles Barcena (USAL).

The International Steering Committee, ISC

Graham Hosie – Chairperson (Chief Officer of the SSG-LS), Mike Sparrow (SCAR Executive Director), Kathlen Conlan – (Former Chief Officer of the SSG-LS), Deneb Karentz (Former Secretary of the SSG-LS), Yan Ropert-Coudert (Secretary of the SSG-LS), The Chief Officers of the Expert Groups and the Research Programme of the SSG-LS: Mark Hindell (Birds and Marine Mammals), Graham Hosie and Mitsuo Fukuchi (CPR), Guido di Prisco and Pete Convey (EBA), Julian Gutt (AnT-ERA), Don Cowan (AntEco), Mitsuo Fukuchi (Chair of the LSOC of the previous Symposium), Josep Maria Gili (Chair of the LSOC).

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