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The Marine Zooplankton Ecology Group (Grup d’Ecologia del Zooplàncton Marí, GEZM) is part of the Department of Marine Biology and Oceanography at the Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM, CSIC) in Barcelona. It has been acknowledged as Research Group (2017 SGR 87) by the Catalan Government.
The group focuses on the study of the ecology of marine zooplankton, with special emphasis on protozoans and copepods, key groups in the functioning of marine pelagic food webs. The main study topics include the role of zooplankton in marine food webs and biogeochemical cycles, their taxonomic and functional diversity, ecophysiology and behavior, as well as the interaction with environmental variables, especially those affected by global change. The research comprises descriptive and experimental fieldwork at population and community levels, both in the framework of research cruises and mesoscosms experiments. The study areas include from the Mediterranean to polar and tropical areas. The research contains also a strong component of laboratory experimentation, aiming at describing and quantifying processes and interactions at small scale (individual), essential to improve our comprehension of the functioning of marine food webs. The group has also long experience on the cultivation of protozoans and copepods.

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Created and designed by Enric Saiz. Texts by GEZM members. Pictures as authored. Background zooplankton drawings by M. Alcaraz.

Last updated: March 2018

Do not use contents without permission of the Marine Zooplankton Ecology Group (2017 SGR 87, Generalitat de Catalunya) at the Institut de Ciències del Mar, CSIC (contact: enric(at)