LIFEHAB Life history of microalgal
species causing harmful blooms

Sponsored by the Commission of the European Communities Fifth Framework
Programme Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development

24 to 27 October 2001

Calvia, Mallorca, Spain

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1.Bill Silvert, 2. David Mann, 3. Eduard Cozar, 4. Chris Bolch, 5. Stephen Bates, 6. Esther Garces, 7. Christiane Lancelot, 8. Nicolai Davidovich, 9. Ian Probert, 10. Kate Olli, 11. Sonia Morell, 12. Adriana Zingone, 13. Teresa Moita, 14. Veronique Rousseau, 15. Laure Guillou, 16. Patrick Gentien, 17. Tim Wyatt, 18. Barri Dale, 19. Louis Peperzak, 20. Marina Montresor, 21.Magda Vila, 22. Robin Raine, 23. Bente.Edvardsen, 24. Jane Lewis.

LIFEHAB was a multidisciplinary forum of debate among European specialists in taxonomy, life history strategies, cellular and molecular biology, geology and modelling. The main goals were to identify gaps in current knowledge and priority topics for further research on life history of harmful microalgae. The meeting allowed the updating of the available but frequently scattered knowledge on the topic, and created a scientific forum for discussion and clarification of different points. Discussions dealt with up-to-date methodologies and current knowledge to propose research recommendations (prioritary topics, methodology, modelling) on the life history of HABs.


The objectives of the meeting were to:

Review and analyse data on the life history of harmful algae and their biochemical and molecular basis.

Discuss the role of the life history of harmful algae in bloom dynamics

Prepare a publication with the recommendations for future actions

Conference publication LIFEHAB.pdf



Institut de Cičncies del Mar (CSIC), Barcelona
Calvią Town Council (Majorca, Balearic Islands)
European Commission (Research Directorate-General Environmental Research).