Culture collections
The department keeps plankton cultures of mostly phytoplankton species and bacteria, but also protozoa and zooplankton. Some of these cultures have been aquired from culture collections worldwide while others have been isolated by ICM scientists. For more information on phytoplankton cultures please contact Dr. Marta Estrada.

The department counts with some very specialized equipement such as a flow cytometer, HPLC, spectrophotometers, spectrofluorometers, image analysis systems, epifluorescence microscopes both regular and inverted, and many more, and highly qualified personnel to use it. So if you have a need to use some of this equipment for your research project, your environmental quality monitoring or else, just contact Dr. Marta Estrada. Also, check out the ICM general services for further information about our library, chemical analysis facility, biological collections, computing facilities, electron microscopy, etc.

Scientists at the Department of Marine Biology and Oceanography are experts in the taxonomy, diversity and ecology of plankton and benthos, covering organisms from bacteria to jellyfish and corals. We cover mainly the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea, but our projects and expertise range all the world's oceans and especially the Antartic Ocean. Again, please contact us if we can be of help in your particular research project, if you are a company or administration seeking for expert advice, or just want some information on biological oceanography from highly qualified personnel. Please leave us a message.

Several Ph.D. level courses are taught by ICM scientists, mostly in conjunction with the University of Barcelona. We also have agreements with the University of Barcelona and the Autonomous University of Barcelona for students to complete their practical training doing cutting edge hands-on research with ICM scientists. Normally, students stay for 3 months and complete some original research work. For more information contact Dr. Miquel Alcaraz.