Capacitats del submarí científic ICTINEU 3 homologat per a 1000 metres i resultats de les primeres campanyes

1 Abril 2016
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Carme Parareda i Pere Forès
ICTINEU Submarins S.L.


The ICTINEU 3 submersible successfully performed sea trials and a deep certification dive to 1.000 meters depth last November in France. The sea trials and the deep dive were done under the surveillance of DNV-GL inspector and French Maritime Affairs commission, where the ICTINEU 3 obtained the French flag and registry as well as navigation permits. The tests area was in Villefranche Bay and Cap Ferrat, in the clear waters of the Cote d'Azur which offers excellent conditions for dives. Previous harbour tests had been done in the same area in April where operational procedures, communications and functional tests were performed such as manoeuvrability on surface and underwater, piloting, dive and surface manoeuvre. Stability tests were done for different situations, and safety systems were tested such as emergency surfacing by blowing the diving tanks and also by releasing the ballast system. All systems and operation showed successful, and only underwater telephone showed some troubleshooting concerning interferences with motors that were fixed and complemented with an acoustic modem for the deep dive. During the trials the ICTINEU 3 has proved to be an excellent vehicle for scientific research, intervention and exploration as the design criteria and goals have been fully achieved: it provides a huge field of view both to the pilot and the observers; it can perform very long range missions both in time and distance; it has high manoeuvrability and softly approach to targets -up to a few centimetres from the dome. It has proven additional capacities that most deep exploration vehicles do not have: it can stop precisely at any depth in the water column, and it can do it as many times and for as long as desired; it can navigate up an down slopes or cliffs with no limitation of slope or due to ballast; and it can easily exchange crew when it is in the water surface thanks to a high freeboard and hydrodynamics. Thanks to its high power-high energy system, it can perform several missions with no need to re-charge (while keeping enough mission+emergency power) and approaching to ROV productivity.

The vehicle is designed to be versatile with an architecture that allows easy implementation of client equipment. In addition, it can be either operated from an oceanographic vessel or towed by a small vessel for near-shore dives. With regards to leisure, the ICTINEU 3 is a design-valuable object, a friendly, easy to pilot vehicle and desirable toy that will provide great experiences to its owners. It's a unique vehicle which can dive to 1.200 m depth being extremely lightweight (5.500 kg) and compact, and thus can be easily transported on private yachts. In addition to the certification dives, the ICTINEU has performed up to 50 dives including one scientific campaign in the Cote d'Azur area and one archaeological campaign in the Cap de Creus area on north Catalonia on a roman shipwreck. The scientific dives were done in cooperation with researchers at the Oceanographic Observatory of Villefranche (UPMC, CNRS) with an unexpected discovery that will be presented at UI.


Brief biography

Carme Parareda. Co-founder, administrator and COO of ICTINEU Submarins SL. As a Surveying Engineer she worked in the service of the Cartographic Institute of Catalonia for 15 years, since 1992, in the field of geodesy, high accuracy positioning and GPS navigation techniques. In 2004 she re-oriented her carreer to ocean observation and underwater technology, co-founding in 2004 the Ictineu Institute and in 2007 ICTINEU Submarins SL where she is co-director and has been responsible for ICTINEU 3 certification and procurement, and now takes care of clients project management, marketing and sales. She also coordinated the Argo Maris Foundation activities (sea exploration and outreach) for two years. She is a board member of the Catalan Maritime Cluster. A traveller who loves adventure sports and mountaineering, after crossing Mongolia by bike, she sailed across the Atlantic twice. She co-wrote a book l'Atlàntic a quatre mans (The Atlantic four hands).

Pere Forès. Industrial Designer. Co-founder, administrator and director of ICTINEU Submarins SL and cofounder of the Ictineu Institute, Catalan Submarine Research Centre in 2004. He has conceived and designed the ICTINEU 3 manned submersible for 1.200 m. He has worked as an industrial designer, model maker, modeller, and after studying naval design has worked in the construction of recreational sailing and racing vessels for 15 years. He  specialized in construction materials and processes involving composites and new materials. He built his first submarine at the age of 11, and later has designed and built his own sailing boats, being the last one an open racing ship with which he has crossed the Atlantic ocean twice. He co-wrote the book l'Atlàntic a quatre mans (The Atlantic four hands).