The ICM organizes “the Crustacean Society Mid-Year Meeting 2017"

19 June 2017

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), from the Institute of Marine Science (ICM) and the Blanes Center of Advances Studies (CEAB), together with the University of Barcelona (UB), organize the Crustacean Society Mid-Year Meeting 2017, which is celebrated in Barcelona from the 19th to the 22th of June.

The symposium with already some decades of existence also include the “11th Colloquium Crustacea Decapoda Mediterranea” and the “5th Crustacean Larval Conference”.

During the meeting, there will be oral presentations and poster exhibitions, and also plenary lectures made by world renowned crustacean researchers. Along the four days, a wide diversity of topics will be discussed (ecology, fisheries, larvae, taxonomy, among many others).

The organization has paid and special attention to encourage the participation of early career marine scientists and students, by keeping registrations feed low and giving the opportunity to participate in awards for best poster and oral presentation.

More information: TCS 2017