Knowing the ICM's Biological Reference Collections

Photo: Alícia Duró
24 October 2014

Since the '80, the ICM holds the Biological Reference Collections (CBR), which contain a natural history heritage of over 1.800 marine species and more of 26.000 catalogued specimens of Fishes, Crustaceans and Cephalopods, came from all over the world, but mainly, from the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

This facility is provided to identify, perform research, catalogue, deposit and preserve marine organisms collected during marine research cruises and studies. Its principal function is to act as a scientific reference and generate knowledge on marine biodiversity.

Its history and function are recently been published is an article as a result of CBR participation on the XXth Bienal de la Real Sociedad Española de Historia Natural held in Madrid on September last year: "Colecciones Biológicas de Referencia (ICM-CSIC): desde la investigación hasta la difusión de la biodiversidad marina", by Duró A, Pérez F, Olivas FJ, Abelló P, Lombarte A, Villanueva R Bol R Soc Esp Hist Nat Sec Biol, 108, 2014: 73-74  ISSN: 0366-3272

This is one of the scientific facilities you can visit and discover during the ICM's Open Doors which will be held on the 18th and 19 of november during Science Week 2014.

Program can be found in the ICMDivulga web .