28 November 2013

From 26 to 29 November 2013 the Marine Sciences Institute hosted the I Symposium on Integrating New Advances in Oceanography and Marine Biology Mediterranean (MEDOCEAN) with the aim to address the latest scientific advances related to marine science in the Mediterranean, especially from a dynamic perspective and with an outlook into future changes.

The symposium, organized under the auspices of international programs such as IMBER (Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem research), SOLAS (Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study) and LOICZ (Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone), has covered topics as diverse as a) understanding the peculiarities of the Mediterranean in limiting and in driving its fertilization, b) the transfer and transformations of organic matter through microbial food webs and up to higher trophic...

20 October 2013

Today, October 21, the president of the Generalitat, Artur Mas, delivery Ramon Margalef Prize for Ecology 2013 to Professor Sallie W. Chisholm during a ceremony at the Palau de la Generalitat

Ramon Margalef Prize for Ecology, promoted by the Generalitat of Catalonia, is inspired by the figure of Ramon Margalef (1919-2004), one of the most renowned ecologists worldwide.

Tomorrow, October 22 Dr Sallie W. Chisholm, will give the lecture "The Power of Diversity: Lessons from a tiny microbe in the sea" at 12:15 pm at the ICM. In the afternoon, starting at 15:30 h, there will be a meeting / discussion with postdocs and Dr. Sallie Chisholm, moderated by Marta Sebastian, researcher at the Department of Marine Biology and Oceanography of the ICM.

Finally, on October 23, from 10 am, in the Auditorium of the Biology Faculty...

30 September 2013

Scientists at the Institut de Ciències del Mar from Barcelona (ICM-CSIC) and at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (Australia), have identified a new family of unicellular microalgae belonging to the dinoflagellates group. The new family has been called Ceratoperidiniaceae, after its first species that was described, Ceratoperidinium margalefii. The work, which has been published on-line at the Protist magazine, has been led by Esther Garcés, scientist at the CSIC, and the first author is Albert Reñé, doctoral student. Both, in their laboratory at the ICM, are devoted to study microalgae diversity and to develop systems to control the blooms of toxic or harmful microalgae.

The new microalgae family includes dinoflagellates species that although were known, they were badly characterized. Their phylogenetic...

10 July 2013

A new species of the generus Mysidopsis (Crustacea, Mysida, Mysidae) has been described based on specimens sampled with a suprabenthic sled near a Posidonia oceànica meadow located near the coastal city of Mataró in 2001 (station Mataró II) and in 2011 (station Mataró III). The new species inhabits the soft-bottom suprabenthic habitat close to this meadow, at depths between 17 and 21 m.

The main distinguishing features of Mysidopsis iluroensis are the small body size, a prominent rostrum, the absence of carapace dorsal nodules, and the armature of the antennule, tèlson and uropod. In this study, the morphology of the new species is compared with other species of Mysidopsis in the Mediterranean Sea.

The taxonomist Carles San Vicente has dedicated this species to the archaeological remains of the ancient Roman city of...