19 June 2017

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), from the Institute of Marine Science (ICM) and the Blanes Center of Advances Studies (CEAB), together with the University of Barcelona (UB), organize the Crustacean Society Mid-Year Meeting 2017, which is celebrated in Barcelona from the 19th to the 22th of June.

The symposium with already some decades of existence also include the “11th Colloquium Crustacea Decapoda Mediterranea” and the “5th Crustacean Larval Conference”.

During the meeting, there will be oral presentations and poster exhibitions, and also plenary lectures made by world renowned crustacean researchers. Along the four days, a wide diversity of topics will be discussed (ecology, fisheries, larvae, taxonomy, among many others).

The organization has paid and special attention to...

15 June 2017

On June 19, the Barcelona Expert Center of Remote Sensing (BEC), will celebrate a day to commemorate its ten years of existence. It will take place in the Institute of Marine Sciences of ​​the CSIC in Barcelona.

The day will be attended by the CSIC researcher Jordi Font, founder of BEC and one of the principal investigators of the SMOS mission; Susanne Mecklenburg of ESA and Mission Manager of SMOS; Cristina de la Puente, Vice-President of the CSIC; Andrea Pérez Carro, CDTI, Spanish delegate at ESA; And Meritxell Serret, Councilor for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Researchers from the CSIC and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) involved in the SMOS will also participate, along with representatives of companies (Airbus, Tryo Aeropace, Deimos) and other...

3 February 2017

The Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) hosted from January 23 to February 3 the second edition of two specialization courses in Dynamical Oceanography organized by Barcelona Ocean. Graduate students and researchers from several countries met in order to gain knowledge that sets the bases of physical oceanography.

The two 5-day courses are offered independently but they complement each other: Ocean Dynamics: steady circulation, and Ocean Dynamics: propagating anomalies. Both courses are taught by Josep Lluís Pelegrí and Marc Gasser. During the first week, attendants gain expertise in the steady circulation of the ocean. The equations of conservations of mass, momentum, heat and salt...

24 January 2017

Scientist from the Institute of Marine Science (ICM-CSIC), have just published an article that shows how in biology, form and function don’t always go hand in hand when it comes to fish gonads.

This article, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) with Laia Ribas as first author, is based on a study led by Francesc Piferrer in the ICM, in collaboration with scientists from the Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, led by Laszlo Orbán in Singapore.

Fish account for over half of living vertebrate species and are well known for having a very plastic sexual development and exhibit various forms of hermaphroditism.

Even in species with separate sexes, which are the majority, alterations of the environmental conditions during early development, for...

2 December 2016

The second workshop of EukRef, a 18S rRNA Gene Collaborative Annotation Initiative, took place at the ICM from November 28th until December 2nd.

Within the framework of this community-wide effort, this workshop has brought together taxonomists with expertise in individual lineages that span the eukaryotic tree of life to curate reference 18S rDNA sequences of these lineages by incorporating knowledge of phylogenetic, morphological, and/or environmental contextual data.
This second edition has been particularly (but not exclusively) focused on Amoebozoa and Rhizaria and integrated the curation efforts on individual eukaryotic groups into a biological data warehouse consisting of curated sequences, flexible taxonomy, and phylogenetic trees and their underlying sequence alignments.

As a result, a18S rDNA reference...