The Ramon Margalef Summer Colloquia starts its fifth edition

30 June 2017

The fifth edition of the "Ramon Margalef Summer Colloquia" (RMSC) will begin on Monday 3 of July, organized by the Institut of Marine Science (ICM-CSIC) and the Catalan Association of Oceanographers (ACOIO). Since its first edition in 2013, every summer the RMSC gathers junior and senior oceanographers to exchange ideas on ocean research.

This year's colloquium, coordinated by ICM oceanographers Josep Lluís Pelegrí and Celia Marrasé, will focus on " spatial and temporal patterns in physical-biological ocean processes". The objective is to promote an interdiciplinary approach to the physical and biological factors that favour the energy fluxes in ecosystems at all spatial and temporal scales, exploring how the network of interactions traduces in much more than the lineal addition of the factors, giving rise to emerging complexity of the living ocean.

Between the 3rd and 12th of July, 15 lecturers will share their research with doctoral and postdoctoral young oceanographers coming from Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Germany, England, Israel, Italy, Mexico Spain and United States. The objective is that junior and senior oceanographers gather together to analyze what we know and, particularly, what we still do not know about the complexity of the ocean system.

The talks and debates will be around five central themes: spatial and temporal pattterns of physical-biological processes, biogeochemical cycles, structure of marine communities, and the anthropogenic effect on ecosystems. These talks and group discussions will be complemented with workshops on scientific writing, communication and dissemination, laboratory experiments and data visualization software, which are fundamental tools for any young researcher.

"Oceanography has largely advanced during the last years and we are now faced on how to integrate all this knowledge, only through this integration is that we will be able to better understand the complexity of the living ocean" says Josep Lluís Pelegrí. "This interdisciplinary view is what characterized the scientific work of Prof. Ramon Margalef, the visionary oceanographer we want to remember with this colloquium" adds Celia Marrasé.

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