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Torrecilla Ribalta, Elena

Ext.: 1250
Despacho: S-28
Líneas de investigación:

  • Ocean Optics
  • High spectral resolution (hyperspectral) sensors
  • Remote sensing, field measurements and radiative transfer modeling of ocean optical properties to estimate relationships between seawater constituents and ocean color
  • Development of bio-optical-based pattern recognition techniques for monitoring of Phytoplankton Functional Types, detecting Harmful Algal Blooms and studying the biogeochemistry of oceanic and coastal environments.

Book chapter


  • E. Torrecilla, 2008. “Caracterització hiperspectral d’ambients lumínics a la columna d’aigua”. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Master thesis. Supervisor: Dr. J. Piera, 74 pp.

Research projects:

  • PHYTOSCOPE (2012-2014): Phytoplankton biodiversity multiscale characterization using advanced optical technologies
    Partners: Marine Technology Unit and Alfred Wegener Institute.
    Funded from: Total Foundation.

  • SUMMER (2009-2011): Surface Mixing Modulation of the Exposure to solar Radiation
    Partners: Institute of Marine Sciences and Marine Technology Unit.
    Funded from: Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.

  • ANERIS (2008-2010): Analysis & development of an intelligent oceanographic probe with autonomous sampling capabilities
    Partners: Marine Techn. Unit, Inst. of Artificial Intelligence Research, Inst. of Industrial Automation, Inst. of Marine Sciences.
    Funded from: Spanish Council for Scientific Research.

  • ESONET (2007-2011): European Seas Observatory NETwork
    48 EU partners.
    Funded from: EU FP 6: Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.

  • HIDRA (2006-2007): Hyperspectral characterization of the luminic ambient on the ocean using radiative transfer models
    Partner: Marine Technology Unit.
    Funded from: Spanish Council for Scientific Research.

  • SAMPLER (2004-2007): Development of an acquisition and analysis system for microstructure oceanographic data and hyperspectral profiles
    Partners: Technical University of Catalonia and Marine Technology Unit.
    Funded from: Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.

Publicaciones Seleccionades y/o Características:
Ramírez-Pérez M., R. Gonçalves-Araujo, S. Wiegmann, E. Torrecilla, R. Bardají, R. Röttgers, A. Bracher, J. Piera, 2017: Towards Cost-Effective Operational Monitoring Systems for Complex Waters: Analyzing Small-Scale Coastal Processes with Optical Transmissometry. Plos One. Open acces.
Zindler C., A. Bracher, C.A. Marandino, B. Taylor, E. Torrecilla, A. Kock, H.W. Bange, 2013: Sulphur compounds, methane, and phytoplankton: interactions along a north-south transit in the western Pacific Ocean. Biogeosciences.
Taylor B.B., E. Torrecilla, A. Bernhardt, M.H. Taylor, I. Peeken, R. Röttgers, J. Piera, A. Bracher, 2011: Bio-optical provinces in the eastern Atlantic Ocean and their biogeographical relevance. Biogeosciences.
Torrecilla E., D. Stramski, R.A. Reynolds, E. Millán-Núñez, J. Piera, 2011: Cluster analysis of hyperspectral optical data for discriminating phytoplankton pigment assemblages in the open ocean. Remote Sensing of Environment.
Torrecilla E., J. Piera, A. Bernhardt, 2011: Hyperspectral oceanographic data: potential application in open oceans. Sea Technology.