TARA OCEANS - Sailing oceanography to assess and model the world live ocean

4 Octubre 2019
Sala d'Actes
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Colomban de Vargas, André Abreu
Tara Oceans Fundation

September 2009, Lorient, France, the schooner Tara cast off to surf the planet and systematically sample the world Ocean biome with a transformative protocol, mixing physics, chemistry, biology, bricolage and high-technologies, academic and private institutions, and ... a lot of courage and friendship! Today, Tara is back in Barcelona to celebrate the 10-Years Anniversary of Tara Oceans, which, after 2 circum-global navigations (2009–2013), has generated unique foundational resources for ocean science, across coarse but inclusive spatio-temporal and taxonomic scales.

Welcome introduction by Josep Lluis Pelegrí (ICM director). Speakers: Colomban de Vargas (CNRS Research Director) and André Abreu (Fondation Tara Océan – Head for international policy)

Conference will be broadcaster online at ICM streaming channel.