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Portabella Arnus, Marcos

Tf. Directe: 932309620
Ext.: 1506
Despatx: P-88
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Satellite remote sensing; scatterometry; synthetic aperture radars; microwave radiometry; sea surface wind, wind stress, and salinity retrievals; calibration; forward modelling; measurement error modelling; quality control; non-linear inversion; data assimilation.
Publicacions Seleccionades i/o Característiques:
Gabarro C., A. Turiel, P. Elósegui, J. Pla-Resina, M. Portabella, 2017: New methodology to estimate Arctic sea ice concentration from SMOS combining brightness temperature differences in a maximum-likelihood estimator. The Cryosphere.
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Johannessen J.A., B. Chapron, W. Alpers, F. Collard, P. Cipollini, A. Liu, J. Horstmann, J.C.B. Da Silva, M. Portabella, I.S. Robinson, B. Holt, C. Wackerman, P. Vachon, 2013: Satellite oceanography from the ERS synthetic aperture radar and radar altimeter: A brief review. .
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