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Jiménez Madrid, José Antonio

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Despatx: P-03
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Research in Applied Mathematics developing numerical methods to study dynamical systems with application to oceanographic problems. Lagrangian models in physical oceanography. Study of mixing and transport properties in the ocean looking for recognition of barriers to transport and their evolution.
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García Sotillo M., E. Garcia-Ladona, A. Orfila, P. Rodríguez-Rubio, J. Cristobal Maraver, D. Conti, E. Padorno, J.A. Jiménez, E. Capó, F. Pérez, J.M. Sayol, F.J. de los Santos, A. Amo, A. Rietz, C. Troupin, J. Tintore, E. Álvarez-Fanjul, 2016: The MEDESS-GIB database: tracking the Atlantic water inflow. Earth System Science Data.
García-Olivares A., E. García-Ladona, J. A. Jiménez Madrid, 2014: Management of Large Oil Spills. .