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Palomera Laforga, Mª Isabel

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Despatx: B-69
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Small Pelagic Fish Ecology and Fisheries. Ecosystem Modelling: Trophic webs and IBM models.

Publicacions Seleccionades i/o Característiques:
Costalago D., I. Palomera, 2014: Feeding of European pilchard (Sardina pilchardus) in the northwestern Mediterranean: from late larvae to adults. Scientia Marina.
Ospina-Álvarez A., M. Bernal, I.A. Catalán, D. Roos, J.L. Bigot, I. Palomera, 2013: Modeling Fish Egg Production and Spatial Distribution from Acoustic Data: A Step Forward into the Analysis of Recruitment. Plos One. Open acces.
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