Ongoing thesis

  • Marta Albo. Ecological and functional role of small and medium-sized pelagic fish in the North-western Mediterranean Sea ecosystem. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
    Directors Tesis: Marta Coll Montón; i Joan Navarro Bernabé


  • Claudio Barria Oyarzo. Importancia ecológica de tiburones y rayas en ecosistemas explotados del Mediterráneo Noroccidental. Universitat de Barcelona.
    Directors Tesis: Joan Navarro Bernabé; i Marta Coll Montón


  • Giulia Gorelli. New management strategies for the fishery of the deep-sea red shrimp Aristeus antennatus in the northwestern Mediterranean. Universitat de Barcelona.
    Directors Tesis: Francisco Sardà i Joan Batista Company


  • Anabel Colmenero. Sensory ecology and reproductive biology in Lophius budegassa and Lophius piscatorius: implications for fisheries. Universitat de Barcelona. Directores Tesis: Pilar Sánchez and Anna Bozzano  


  • Valerio Sbragaglia. Molecular and physiological rhythms of isolated and socially interacting Norway lobsters (Nephrops norvegicus, L) in relation to simulated cycles of light, internal tides, and inertial motions. Universitat de Barcelona.
    Director: Jacop Aguzzi (ICM-CSIC)


  • Carol Doya. The use of new multiparametric cabled observatories for the remote monitoring and exploration of Deep-sea ecosystems at day-night and seasonal time scales. Universitat de Barcelona.
    Director: Jacop Aguzzi (ICM-CSIC)


  • Ainhoa Bernal. Importance of mesopelagic fishes in fluxes of matter and energy along the water column: nyctimeral migrations and effect of the oceanographic and trophic environment. Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña.
    Director Tesis: M. Pilar Olivar


  • Valeria Mamouridis. Modelling of trophic networks in deep-sea ecosystems. Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña.
    Director Tesi: Francesc Maynou


  • Ben Tomlinson. Participatory modelling ysing systems dynamics in coastal zone management using the Systems Approach Framework. Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña.
    Director Tesis: Francesc Maynou


  • Leda Zucca. Trophic relationships in communities of continental shelf of the Besos basin (Iberian Mediterranean): link with environmental and human impact variables. Universidad de Barcelona.
    Director Tesis: Joan Cartes


  • Alba Muntades Olivé. Respuesta de las comunidades bentónicas a diferentes niveles de impacto de pesca de arrastre: generalización para el desarrollo de un modelo mediterráneo. Universitat de Barcelona.
    Director de Tesi: Montserrat Demestre