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Research Support Office

The Research Support Office assists all ICM collectives (administrative, technical and scientific staff) to smoothly operate the institute’s research and ensure its scientific excellence. A team of professionals are devoted to the research management and support to contribute to ICM’s mission: produce excellent marine research for a society in harmony with the blue planet.

This office represents ICM at the international circles of marine research; promotes the knowledge transfer in the blue economy sector; increases the visibility of ICM in the society and conveys our values to the general public; dynamizes our interaction with social actors and with marine citizen scientists; ensures an effective operation of the research projects and dissemination of their outputs; and accompanies our scientific and technical staff to advance in their careers while promoting the center as a welcoming and collaborative workspace. To this aim, the office is made up of 4 units: Outreach and Communication Unit, Talent Development and Work Environment Unit, Project Management Unit, and Fundraising, Internationalization and Technology Transfer Unit.

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