BCSI Geophysical Solutions

The Barcelona Center for Subsurface Imaging laboratory is a facility that develops and offers state of the art geophysical services on subsurface imaging and physical properties models of the Earth’s interior to researchers and industries.

The lab develops both experimental and theoretical projects of interest for the industrial sector and the scientific community.  The lab provides access in the forefront of Earth imaging techniques , access to modern resources together with highly qualified technical assistance for the demanding variety of applications required to the study of the Earth’s subsurface.

A team of specialized physicists, geologists, computer and code-development experts offers a guided service and technical support for the design of acquisition surveys, quality control, analysis, method development, processing, modeling and interpretation of geophysical and geological data.

Our research team performs continuous R&D on advanced imaging techniques at a variety of resolutions, with extensive experience in active and natural source seismic, and electromagnetic field recordings under diverse acquisition conditions. R&D integrates full-wave form inversion, travel-time tomography, earthquake analysis and marine seismic data processing and imaging.

The facility offers a 90 m2 laboratory to internal and external users, equipped with workstations with front-end software for reading and analyzing the full spectrum of marine geophysical data and earthquake seismology data, and in-house software able to operate a step beyond the commercial state of the art in parallelized high performance computing (HPC) environments.

Training and support are available upon request through short-term and mid-term stages tailored to the needs of specific users with a variety of backgrounds.

Technical resources and equipment

SERVERS, DISK STORAGE:  A Computing Cluster ATLANTICO 1.  In-house technology for Full Waveform Inversion and Travel Time Tomography, earthquake seismology software, and commercial and open-source processing and interpretation packages (Claritas, Promax, Kingdom Suite, and Seismic Unix).