Fisheries Monitoring and Aquaculture

The objectives of this service are the sampling of exploited marine organisms that make up the communities of plankton, nekton and benthos; and provide assessment for the sustainable management of renewable marine resources, including various aspects related to the assessment of marine fisheries and aquaculture.

The service includes the collection of samples in the field on board oceanographic and fishing vessels, with pelagic and benthic gears, subsequent tasks in the laboratory (separation and identification of organisms, analysis of data, diagnosis, conclusions and recommendations in relation to the object of the consultation) and the presentation of the results to the involved sectors. It also includes the implementation of fisheries management techniques and the evaluation of the impact of fishing on the ecosystem. It also provides assistance on issues related to the production of marine species, particularly on the biology and farming of fishes (mainly sea bass, turbot and sole), mollusks (bivalves, gastropods and cephalopods), and crustaceans.

It is addressed at any public or private institutions that requests advice on issues related to the sampling, identification, quantification and/or assessment of marine organisms. Provides expert R+I assistance to administrations responsible for fisheries and aquaculture, public entities, as well as professionals and companies.

Technical resources and equipment

Microscopy laboratory and wet dissection laboratory equipped with microscopes, scales, and refrigerated camera and freezers.