Irene Merino

Estudiante predoctoral
Grupo de investigación

I am working on my PhD project to determine the nature of the basement, stratigraphy and tectonic structure of the different geological domains of two continental margins formed by lithospheric extension processes. To achieve these objectives, during this doctoral thesis a comparative analysis of two regions of continental extension will be carried out: the Gulf of Cádiz and Western Iberia as a paradigmatic example of the Atlantic margin and the Gulf of León, as the continental margin of the Mediterranean Sea. In particular, I use joint refraction and reflection travel-time tomography (TTT) of two different active-source seismic data sets: ocean bottom seismic (OBS) data and long-streamer data, the Multi-Channel Seismic (MSC) data to study the structure and dynamic processes occurring at these extensional continental margins. The result of this joint WAS-MCS tomography is a Vp model of the margin that is fully consistent with the MCS image along the whole profile.