Name and surname Area Research group Extension Office
Abad Pelaéz, Maravillas Isabel Research Services 445582 B-25-b
Abdelgawad , Ibrahim Mohamed Shaaban Abdelaziz Renewable Marine Resources No asignado
Abelló Sala, Pere Renewable Marine Resources Ecology and Conservation of Marine Living Resources 445657 B-80
Aguilera Dal Grande, Paula Renewable Marine Resources 445568 B-12-a
Aguzzi , Jacopo Renewable Marine Resources Functioning and Vulnerability of Marine Ecosystems 445631 B-68
Alkier , Susu Isabelle Marine Biology and Oceanography No asignado
Alonso Martinez, Belén 445616 B-49
Álvarez Sanchéz, Ana María Physical and Technological Oceanography Environmental and Sustainability Participatory Information Systems 445766-445768 P-82
Ambroso , Stefano Marine Biology and Oceanography Ecology and Resilience of Benthic Ecosystems in a Changing Ocean 445714 S-36
Amoros Clariana, Alejandro General Services 445571 B-13-d
Angosto Tort, Núria General Services 445667 B-88-a
Anguita Avila, José Mª General Services 445675-445567 P-72
Aparicio Estalella, Claudia Renewable Marine Resources Functioning and Vulnerability of Marine Ecosystems 445626 B-57
Arandia Gorostidi, Nestor Marine Biology and Oceanography Marine Biogeochemistry, Atmosphere and Climate 445844 P-22
Arasanz Pujol, Raquel Marine Geosciences 445610 B-44
Arias Ballesteros, Manuel Physical and Technological Oceanography Physical and Technological Oceanography 445788 P-01
Arín Carrau, María Laura Marine Biology and Oceanography Plankton Ecology and Ocean Health 445706 S-30
Arjona Camas, Marta Marine Geosciences Ocean and Littoral Sedimentary Processes 445598 B-38
Arnalte Vallés, Montserrat General Services 445670 B-87-a
Artana , Camila Indira Renewable Marine Resources B-02
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