Marta Umbert

Investigador/a Postdoctoral
Grupo de investigación

Graduated in Marine Sciences and Master's degree in oceanography and marine management at UPC in 2009. She obtained her Ph.D. in 2015 under Dr. Antonio Turiel and Dr. Joaquim Ballabrera supervision, where she gained/acquired expertise handling SSS observations derived from SMOS and Aquarius missions and more specifically developed spatiotemporal mapping methodologies that improve the SSS fields quality in terms of coverage, noise reduction, and geophysical consistency. The subject of her post-doctoral research at IFREMER (France) was on the use of new L-band remote sensing salinity products to better estimate oceanic currents. In that context, she investigated the correlations between SSS, SST, and SSH in the Gulf stream region and evaluated the meridional heat and salt transport by eddies across the Gulf Stream mean current path.
She is mainly interested in using satellite and in-situ data to diagnose ocean dynamics and study ocean phenomena related to climate. Currently, she is working as a post doc researcher supported by a Marie Curie grant, aiming to exploit L-band remote sensing salinity products to better estimate oceanic currents in the Arctic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. To this end, she uses surface quasi-geostrophic methodologies to characterize the 3D ocean dynamics in two climate hotspots.