Esther Garcés

Research group leader
Personal Investigador Senior
Grupo de investigación

My research focuses on coastal environment and nearshore harmful blooms in the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, I am involved in different projects addressing gender bias in research centers by designing strategies and implementing measures to achieve systemic institutional changes.



I am interested in phytoplankton dynamics and physical-biological interactions in marine systems, particularly noxious and toxic phytoplankton species, their abundance and activity, and the ecosystem effects of their proliferations. My research also examines the factors that regulate the community structure of microorganisms, and how physical and chemical changes in the marine environment influence these communities. My studies about coastal environment and nearshore harmful blooms include investigations into the life cycles and strategies of these species, empirical measures of their growth and loss rates, their cell cycle dynamics or effects of parasitism, and the compilation of databases regarding organism abundance over the last 25 years.