José M. Fortuño

Responsable de servicio

Since 1987, in charge of the Electron Microscopy Service.
I am working with different kind of samples and I am using different techniques associated with the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM):
Biological samples
Dehydration techniques: Critical point drying of samples and other chemical agents
Geological samples
Material samples
Water and gel samples

Rang of services:
Microstructural analysis of tissues and organs
Surface studies: phytoplankton, zooplankton, eggs and larvae of fishes and crustaceans, otolith and statoliths, cephalopods, plastics, wools, fibers, metals, etc.

Examples of studies applications:
Study of harmful algal blooms
Study of phytoplankton taxonomy
Study of biolfouling organism on plastic debris
Study of acoustic trauma and hearing loss in Cetaceans and Cephalopods
Study of spermatozoa of crustaceans

Techniques of applications:
X-Ray Microanalysis (EDS)