Severo Ochoa

Ocean science with one single driver: excellence

At the Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM), we imagine a bright future for our oceans. The climate emergency is a challenge for the planet and for the marine environment. At ICM, we believe that we can only build this future by conducting frontier research with a total commitment towards excellence.

Centre of Excellence Accreditation

The “Center of Excellence Severo Ochoa” Award is granted to organizational structures with highly competitive strategic research programmes in the frontiers of knowledge. They are among the best in the world in their respective scientific areas. The ICM has become the first research center in marine sciences to obtain such a coveted accreditation. The Award will be standing since January 2020 until December 2023.

ICM’s “Severo Ochoa” Strategic Plan

The Award is granted after a though evaluation of a Strategic Plan that identifies the objectives to be achieved and the actions to be developed during the 4 following years. Within this period, the Severo Ochoa Award will allow ICM to hire 14 predoctoral and 6 postdoctoral fellows, to invest over 1 million Euros to reinforce our research activities, and to create a Research Support Office devoted to bolster talent development, work environment, project management, internationalization, knowledge and technology transfer and communication. All together, these actions are intended at increasing the center’s main indicators in terms of scientific outputs, social and economic impact, training activities, visibility and funding attraction.

ICM is strongly committed to provide equal opportunities to all scientific community, with special emphasis on gender aspects. The Severo Ochoa Accredtiation of Excellence at ICM is managed following the recommendations of ICM's Gender Equality Plan, with close collaboration with the LETsGEPS European Project, and all internal calls are monitored to guarantee that equality principles are strictly followed (more info).


SOMM Alliance

The Alliance of ‘Severo Ochoa’ Centres and ‘María de Maeztu’ Units of Excellence (SOMMa) brings together all the awarded research entities setting new standards in the Spanish research landscape. SOMMa aims at boosting national and international visibility of Spanish research, engage in outreach activities, foster the knowledge transfer, contribute to the Spanish science policy, attract outstanding scientific talent, and find synergies within the national research system to push forward Spanish science.