Jean-François Mangot

Investigador/a Postdoctoral

I am post-doctoral researcher at the ICM-CSIC since 2014, where I initially moved as a Marie Curie Fellows (PF7 grant, EU) and then as a contract researcher (MINECO grants, Spain). My main research line is the study of the taxonomic diversity, ecology and function of microorganisms in aquatic environments, with special interest for the eukaryotic community and its heterotrophic component. I am deeply interested to understand the patterns of temporal and spatial variation of these unpigmented microbes in freshwater, coastal and marine systems and exploring their functional role in aquatic food webs as bacterial grazers, nutrient remineralizers or parasites. This exploration is conducted by applying a combination of standard molecular tools (amplicon sequencing of environmental rDNA genes, FISH specific countings) with state-of-the-art approaches (metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, single cell genomics). Since 2009, I have authored 15 scientific papers (H index of 11), and have participated in 24 international conferences and in 7 international and Spanish research projects.