I am a PhD student at the ICM-CSIC in the Ecology and Genomics of Marine Microbes group and part of the Tara Oceans and Tara Oceans Polar Circle teams. My thesis is focused on the study of genetic and functional diversity of uncultured marine bacteria. My research sheds light on the putative functions and predicted ecological niches of novel taxa retrieved culture-independent techniques: Single Cell Genomics allows me to do population genomics and biogeography of closely related bacteria from different latitudes across de world’s oceans, whereas Metagenomic Assembled Genomes of the Arctic’s Polar circle metagenomes gives me the opportunity to identify key bacterial players in the arctic seawater and define their distribution, metabolism and dynamics. My involvement in the projects goes from raw data treatment, genome assembly and quality control of key processes to downstream analyses and data interpretation. A part from bioinformatics, I am also familiar with isolation in culture, culture experiments, molecular work like PCR and nucleic-acid extraction, flow cytometry and CARD-FISH. I am a recipient of the Spanish FPI predoctoral fellowship and I have been awarded with 3 mobility grants during my PhD in Linnaeus Universität (Sweden), Universidad de La Laguna (Spain) and ETH Zurich (Switzerland).