Viena Puigcorbé

Investigador/a Postdoctoral

My main research interest lies in the marine biogeochemical cycles. In particular, I am interested in the carbon fluxes within ecosystems and, particularly, in the study of the biological carbon pump. This is a biologically mediated process by which the ocean can sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide, thus contributing to offset the anthropogenic emissions of this greenhouse gas. Apart from carbon, the biological pump modulates the distribution of many other elements in the ocean, including major nutrients and trace metals, particle-reactive elements, or toxic compounds. I use my expertise in the application of radiotracers to understand and quantify particulate organic carbon export from the photic zone to the mesopelagic waters, but also to estimate the vertical fluxes of trace metals. I am currently exploring the role of marine microbes in the attenuation of the organic particle fluxes and their impact on the biological carbon pump transfer efficiency.