A shared space with citizens

"Barcelona Mar de Ciència"

A transfromative space with marine knowledge transfer, education and outreach at its core

Barcelona Mar de Ciència willl be a space to connect citizens and marine science. Devoted to ocean knowledge transfer, it will promote ocean literacy and marine culture as means for a societal transformation.

It will be a meeting point for the involvement of different social agents in the conservation and sustainability of the oceans, promoting new opportunities for participation and social innovation.

Knowledge transfer

Blue economy hub aimed at knowledge transfer to both public administrations and the private sector. Catalyst for marine science in the framework of the knowledge-based economy.

Highlighted initiatives:

  • BlueNetCat. The innovation and transfer instrument of the Maritime Agenda of Catalonia.

  • ICATMAR. Institut Català de Recerca per a la Governança del Mar (Catalan Research Institute for Sea Government).

Ocean literacy

Provide science-based knowledge to the educational community as a whole, including teachers and students at different education levels, through specific training tools.

Highlighted initiatives:

Citizenship engagement

Facilitating the participation, collaboration and commitment, of all social actors (citizens, managers, academia and the productive sector) in debates, citizen science activities, social initiatives and networks for the exchange of knowledge and best practices for the management of coastal cities and the coastline. All this is part of the Decade of the Oceans, contributing to the 2030 Agenda and current international agreements for the sustainability of the oceans.

Highlighted initiatives:

Culture and arts

Outreach and communication actions that bring citizens closer to marine science and the fundamental role of the oceans in the Blue Planet. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness of the importance of the oceans for the health of the planet, the well-being and sustainability of our society.

Highlighted initiatives:

- Bosc Ancestral (Ancestral Forest). Artwork with scientific images.

- Exhibition "Dones: motor de la recerca marina i ambiental" (Women: motor of marine and environmental research).