Miguel Cabrera

During my PhD project, my research focuses on the biological and microbial C pump efficiency. Within this scope, I look into the changes in reactivity and chemical composition of both the Dissolved (DOM) and the Particulate fraction (POM) of phytoplankton-derived OM during its remineralisation process. We use microcosm incubations to follow the degradation process of either fraction of OM along time in a controlled environment. Using various techniques such as spectrophotometry and spectrofluorometry (CDOM & FDOM), or High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (Orbitrap-MS) allows us to characterize changes in the OM pool that can be linked to its biological consumption and modification.
I am also interested in the distribution and dynamics of marine micro-gels, their biological production and consumption as well as the abiotic processes that lead to their accumulation in the uppermost layer of the ocean.