Eva María Calvo

Personal Investigador Senior

My research focus on the fields of marine biogeochemistry and paleoceanography through the application of various indirect geochemical indicators (proxies) for the reconstruction of the Earth’s climatic conditions in the past. In particular, I use molecular biomarkers in marine sediments and trace elements and isotopic relationships from both corals and microfossils as recorders of past climate and environmental conditions (sea surface temperature, marine productivity and ocean chemistry). My main lines of research focus on the mechanisms and processes responsible for the variations in atmospheric CO2 that accompanied the last glacial cycles, with special attention to the role of biological processes and ocean circulation. The questions I intend to answer include those related with the role and capacity of the oceans in absorbing present and future CO2 emissions and the impact of ocean acidification on various marine organisms, as well as knowing the response and influence of oceanic processes on past climatic changes.