Massimo Ciro Pernice

Investigador/a Postdoctoral

I am a marine microbiologist and I am trying to deepen our understanding of microbial diversity and interactions. My seminal researches were focused on bathypelagic microbial eukaryotes, my interest for this fascinating system is still alive and recently developed in a study on the deep ocean fungal community. In more recent years, I focused on expand the standard tool box for the studying of microbial ecology through flow-cytometry; in particular, I combined high-frequency sampling with computational cytometry in order to achieve a refined picture of several microbial features (abundance, biomass, distribution, phenotypic diversity). In parallel, I am studying molecular communication among microbes with the ultimate goal of understanding its weight on biogeochemical cycles. In this regard, my main interest is the role of extracellular vesicles as carrier of messages from cell to cell, at the intra- and inter-species level.