Vanessa Balagué

Core facility head
Personal tècnic

I work as a Lab Technician in the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in the Department of Marine Biology and Oceanography (Institut de Ciències del Mar-CSIC) since 2001.
My main scientific interest is the application of molecular techniques to unravel the identity and activity of marine microbial community members. I work giving support to scientists who try to have a complete biogeographical study of the patterns of distribution of marine microbial assemblages adapted to different habitats worldwide. We are interested in deepening in the functioning of marine microorganisms related to those different environmental conditions (temperature, salinity, trophic status, light-dependance, etc.). In that sense, I have participated in several oceanographic cruises in the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans, in the Atlantic, in the Baltic Sea and in the Mediterranean.

As a member of the “Area of Scientific Culture” in the ICM-CSIC, I am involved in several outreach projects, most of them related to educational collaborations in schools.