Job Offers | 18 November 2021

JAE ICU INTRO 2021 scholarships


The Institut de Ciències del Mar (Institute of Marine Sciences) offers 7 fellowships to introduce young scientists in marine research with JAE INTRO ICU 2021 scholarships:

  • JAEIntro-2021-ICM-01 Common octopus trophic ecology during the challenging transition from planktonic to benthic life. PI: Fernando Ángel Fernández-Álvarez
  • JAEIntro-2021-ICM-02 Octopus Early Life. PI: Roger Villanueva
  • JAEIntro-2021-ICM-03  Quantification of marine parasites transmission from compartmental and agent-based models. PI: Esther Garcés
  • JAEIntro-2021-ICM-04 Respuestas locales a patrones globales: Impacto de los procesos climáticos globales en las respuestas locales de organismos marinos del Océano Atlántico PI: Francisco Ramírez
  • JAEIntro-2021-ICM-05 Prokaryotic activity associated to marine phytoplanktonic strains (PRACTIC). PI: Maria Montserrat Sala
  • JAEIntro-2021-ICM-06 Prokaryotic diversity across the ocean deep chlorophyll maxima. PI: Josep M Gasol
  • JAEIntro-2021-ICM-07 Support to the implementation of the strategical analysis process for the ICMTransfer.  PI: Valentí Sallarés  

Find here a more detailed list of the projects and the conditions of scholarship.

More information on the JAE ICU Programme can be found here:

How to apply:

All applicants need to submit the following documents in order to be eligible to apply. It is mandatory to use the templates provided:

  • Identification document (DNI, NIE or passaport)
  • Application document (application  form)
  • Responsible declaration (Responsible declaration form)
  • CV( CV form), motivation letter (motivation letter form) and academic transcripts (expediente académico)
  • If needed, evidence of master admission (matrícula)
  • If nedeed, extra documentation that is requested in the offers

Applicants can choose up to three projects. They need to provide the necessary documentation required for each of the offers: ex. Master admission evidence.

All applicants should send the required documents to before the 10 December at 23:59 with the JAE INTRO ICU subject in the email.