Marine Molecular Biology

The Marine Molecular Biology facility applies molecular biology techniques that analyze the DNA and/or RNA content, nucleotide sequence and epigenetic modifications of marine organisms, to unravel their identity, activity and their roles in the marine ecosystem, as well as the function of their genes in key biological processes. This service gives support and training to students and researchers of the ICM or external visitors who wish to use some of these techniques applied to their samples. The operation is based on self-service. The person responsible for the service is in charge of providing the training and he/she will be also in charge of the supervision and technical support during processing.

Technical resources and equipment
  • Four PCR machines
  • Electrophoresis systems
  • PFGE gel system (CHEF DR-II, Biorad)
  • Gel doc equipment provided with the analysis software (iBright CL 1500, Invitrogen)
  • Real-Time PCR machine (Cfx, Biorad)
  • Biomolecules analyzer (QSep100, Bio Optic)
  • Fluorometer (Qubit Q32857, Invitrogen) and Spectrophotometer UV-Vis (NanoDrop One,Thermo Scientific) for qualify and quantify nucleic acids and proteins

In addition, the equipment needed for the development of the different protocols, such as centrifuges, hybridization oven, heating bath, thermal incubator, desiccator with vacuum pump, laminar flow hoods, microwave, vortex and a heating mixing plate