Josep Lloret

Personal Investigador Senior

I am senior researcher at the Institut of Marine Sciences (CSIC). I've previously worked at the University of Girona, where I directed the Oceans and Human Health Chai., the CNRS in Perpignan (France) and the Thünen Institute in Hamburg (Germany). I’ve also conducted research at the NOAA-NMFS (United States), Reykjavik University (Iceland) and IPB University (Indonesia). My research focus on the topic Oceans and Human Health (OHH) and comprises two different lines:

  1. Relationships between marine ecosystems and the health and well-being of people: Healthy foods from the sea; Benefits for physical and mental health linked to life on the coast and to the practice of activities at sea; Health risks from marine ecosystems; Bioactive potential of marine organisms as a source of new medicines.
  2. Impacts of the Blue Economy and global change on marine ecosystems Impacts of professional and recreational fisheries on habitats and exploited vulnerable species. Impacts of recreational boating and cruise tourism. Ecological impacts of offshore wind farms. The condition of fish as an indicator of fish and ecosystem health. Marine protected areas as conservation management tools. Effects of climate change on marine resources and habitats.