Josep Mª Gili

Personal Investigador Senior

My research focuses on the study of biology, ecology, and conservation of marine benthic organisms and jellyfish. I am also involved in projects promoting citizen science and ocean literacy.




We conduct research projects related to marine ecology using different approaches. These approaches range from taxonomy and systematics, to species biology, structure and dynamics of populations and communities, both benthic and planktonic processes to the study of plankton-benthos coupling and the relationship of biological processes with environmental factors. Studies are always multidisciplinary and cover a wide range of analytical and experimental techniques. The projects are developed specially in the field but are supplemented by laboratory work. The group makes a special effort on the development of new technological equipment and facilities in order to conduct projects with better success. The projects have a clear focus on marine conservation projects are complemented by educational and scientific outreach. Other research lines include the ecology of gelatinous zooplankton and the taxonomy and systematics of cnidarians.