Patricia Cadenas

Investigador/a Postdoctoral
No asignado

I have been working on Tectonics, Geophysics, Marine Geology and Regional Geology. The main research line corresponds to the study of the structure of the subsurface using geophysical and geological data.
My research activity has focused on the study of rifting processes, the formation of magma-poor continental margins and the spatial and temporal evolution of divergent plate boundaries, and on the compressional reactivation of magma-poor continental margins and the development of orogenic belts in convergent settings.
I have devoted my research to the study of the 2D and 3D architecture and tectonic evolution of hyperextended and reactivated passive continental margins and rift basins. The works have been based on the integration and interpretation of 2D and 3D seismic reflection profiles, together with boreholes, velocity models, gravity and geological data.
The main areas of research include the North Iberian margin and the Cantabrian Mountains, in northwest Spain, and the Celebes and Sulu seas, in Southeast Asia.