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Our interdisciplinary character drives a sustained collaboration with national and international research groups

The major strength of ICM comes from its interdisciplinary character, its ability to broadly address numerous questions and challenges related to marine sciences and technologies. This multi- and inter-disciplinary focus has driven a sustained collaboration with many other national and international research groups. The major outcome has been the granting of many national and international projects and contracts that have led to numerous high quality scientific articles and to the development of new technologies. Nowadays, ICM is the first Spanish centre in scientific productivity on marine issues and one of the leading centres on the Mediterranean. According to CSIC’s internal classification (A, B or C, from highest to lowest, chosen in terms of their scientific productivity, income through research projects, and staff number during the 2016–2018 period) ICM stands as a Category A research centre.

* in 2019

Training (PhD Theses)
Training (PhD Theses)