Flow Cytometry

The facility has two flow cytometers FACSCalibur from Becton & Dickinson, equipped with a blue laser (488 nm) and photomultipliers that collect the scattered and absorbed light signal and send data to a computer. One of them is equipped with a red laser (635 nm). Both FACSCalibur cytometers can sort cells. One of them is installed on a transportable workbench for its use in the radioactivity laboratory to sort samples marked with radioactive isotopes. There is a whole tubing system for its use in this laboratory.

There is a third cytometer, Partec Cube 6, with a blue laser and a violet one (405 nm).

A fourth cytometer BD Accuri C6 Plus, equipped with a red laser (640 nm) and a blue one (488 nm). And a fifth cytometer Beckman Coulter CytoFLEX-S, with a blue (488 nm), red (638 nm), violet (405 nm) and a yellow (561 nm) lasers.

The lab also has a hood to fix and prepare the samples and reagents, a -80ºC freezer for sample storage, a refrigerator with the necessary reagents and stains, a thermostatic bath, sonicator, vortex, precision scales and MilliQ system access.

Technical resources and equipment
  • 2 Flow cytometers  BD FACSCalibur
  • 1 Flow cytometer Partec Cube 6
  • 1 Flow cytometer BD Accuri C6 Plus
  • 1 Flow cytometer Beckman Coulter CytoFLEX-S