Research Computing

The research computing service offers computing resources and technical support to ICM researchers. It provides consulting and scientific computing services, high performance computation (HPC), advanced administration of computer systems, massive data storage, scientific applications development, cloud computing and virtualization services.

It also manages HPC clusters, storage and cloud services and facilities.

The service has the know-how and expertise of more than 10 years designing, developing and managing computer systems and services, and providing consulting and computer resources to scientific projects and research groups.

Technical resources and equipment

35 servers with 70 CPUs and 500 cores with 800 threads, and 2532 GB RAM. Compute nodes are connected by a 10 Gbps Ethernet high performance network with 280 nsecond latency. 25 servers dedicated to computing cluster with an integrated queue system. Cluster runs a OpenHPC 1.3 (based on GNU/Linux CentOS 7, Slurm queue system, mpi and other sciencific libraries).

10 servers dedicated to storage (Lustre), cloud infrastructure (OpenNebula) and other computer services.