Magda Vila

Investigador/a Postdoctoral

My research expertise is on marine microalgae (phytoplankton and phytobenthos). In particular, I work on Harmful Algal Blooms which are those microalge that produce harm to the ecosystems or affect the people’s health or well-being. My main contribution is on ecology, biology and taxonomy of harmful dinoflagellates. The following key words define my profile: Marine microalgae (Oceans) and human health; Ecology of marine microalgae (phytoplankton and phytobenthos); Space-time variability; Ecological comparison of areas affected by common species forming harmful algal blooms (PAN); Ecotoxicological studies using HAB species; Ecophysiology of HAB species; Coastal Eutrophication: development of biotic quality indices related to human impact in the coastal zone (chlorophyll, species and phytoplankton functional groups); Water Framework Directive; Citizen Science and Science Communication.