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ICM has established five task forces, two of them related to practical issues, such as waste management and working hazards, and the other specifically aimed at improving the centre’s working environment through sustainability and equality.


The Equality task force endorses equal opportunities for all employees regardless of their gender, age, nationality, religion or condition. This includes ensuring (a) equal professional opportunities for all employees, (b) a working environment where individuals are treated with respect, equality and courtesy, (c) the eradication of any sort of discrimination, harassing or bullying, and (d) the promotion of open debates on issues of interest to the ICM community, including gender equality. The task force meets monthly and maintains a fluid telematics connection.

Members: Belén Alonso, Mercedes Blázquez, Andrea G. Bravo, Clara Cardelús, Sílvia Donoso, Gemma Ercilla, Jordi Felipe, Eva Flo, Dolores Fuentes, Esther Garcés, Josep Maria Gili, Cristina González, Maria Gracia, Queralt Güell, Elena LLoret, Stefano Marinelli, Cèlia Marrasé, Marta Masdeu, Josep Lluís Pelegrí, Pere Puig, Laura Recasens, Cristina Romera-Castillo, Janire Salazar, Ricardo Santos, Sara Soto, Elena Torrecilla, María Vicioso, Maria Yubero.

Gender Equality Plan 2021-2022
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The Sustainability task force fosters sustainability attitudes among the ICM’s personnel and plans and facilitates related actions within the ICM facilities. This includes internal and external awareness actions, often in collaboration with schools, civil associations and the Barcelona City Hall. The members of the Sustainability task force maintain regular telematics connections and meet once every trimester.

Members: Maravillas Abad, Elisa Berdalet, Albert Calbet, Morane Clavel-Henry, Sílvia de Diago, Antonio García Olivares, M. Isabel Lloret, Marina Pastor, Josep Lluís Pelegrí, Elena Martínez Planchart, José Antonio Pozo, Marta Ribes, Elisabet-Laia Sa, Judit Sainz, Montse Solé, Cristina Roldán, Valentí Sallarés, Carine Simon, Arantza Ugalde.

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Career Development

The CD task force was created in July 2020 to provide support for career development within ICM. To achieve this objective, the CDTF is in charge of analysing the current labour situation of ICM staff regardless of their contract typology; exploring mechanisms for fostering the career development of all professionals at all career stages, and ensuring a friendly and motivating work environment. The group includes representatives from all ICM staff: Trainee and Early career researchers, Senior Researchers, Technicians, Administration employees, ICM directorate team and Research Suport Office (OSR) members.

Members: Òscar Chic, Manuel Dall’Osto, Stefano Marinelli, Cèlia Marrasé, Elvira Martinez, Carla Pereira, Marcos Portabella, Clara Ruiz, Alex Sancho, Elena Torrecilla and Maria Yubero.

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Waste Management

This task force coordinates and executes those tasks necessary for the correct management and disposal of chemical, biological, and cytotoxic waste generated in the ICM’s laboratories or during oceanographic cruises. Their activities also aim to raise global awareness on the impact of toxic waste in our environment and our health. The task force meets quarterly, and also maintains continuous virtual communication.

Members: Maravillas Abad, Elisa Berdalet, Sílvia de Diago, Irene Forn, Elena Guerrero, Josep Lluís Pelegrí, Carles Pelejero, Francesc Peters, Laia Ribas, Cristina Roldán, Montse Solé, Arantza Ugalde.

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Working Hazards Prevention

This task force provides advice and technical support in the area of labour risks, in compliance with the laws of labour risk prevention. The task force meets at least once a year and, among other issues, is in charge of planning, executing and analyzing the evacuation drills. The task force works in coordination with the Prevention Service of CSIC’s Delegation in Catalonia.

Members: Vanessa Balagué, Elisa Berdalet, José Manuel Fortuño, Nieves Maestro, Josep Lluís Pelegrí, Fernando Pérez, Cristina Roldán, SErgio Rodríguez, Cèlia Rovira, Arantza Ugalde.

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