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Physical and Technological Oceanography

Physical and Technological Oceanography Group

We study the ocean’s role on the Earth system

Research Physical and Technological Oceanography Group

The Physical and Technological Oceanography Group focuses on the study of the physical properties of the ocean, its behavior and role in the climate of the Earth using the principle of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. It is the largest Spanish physical oceanography department and that with the most extensive scientific production. Its interests focus on the observation (both in situ and remote sensing) and analysis of the ocean physical environment at a broad range of spatio-temporal scales. Its members include physicists, engineers, and oceanographers with complementary skills that work together to further our understanding of the ocean dynamics by combining experimental, numerical and theoretical approaches. The group members are especially committed at mentoring students and offering specialized courses, participating in numerous public outreach activities, and steering citizen science initiatives.

* Data from the last two years

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  • Celia Rovira
    (Research Assistant)

Most relevant information


C. Gabarró: Spanish delegate to the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC).

J. Isern: Member of ICATMAR Steering Committee.

J.L. Pelegrí: Member of the Science Team on Observing and Modeling the Meridional Overturning Circulation in the South Atlantic; Member of the Laboratorio Internacional de Cambio Global; Member of ICATMAR Steering Committee.

J. Piera: Member of the steering committee of the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA)

M. Portabella: Member of the ESA & EUMETSAT SCA Science Advisory Group (SCA SAG); Member of the NASA International Ocean Vector Wind Science Team (IOVWST).

A. Turiel: Member of the SMOS Quality Working Group (QWG); Chairman of the SMOS Barcelona Expert Centre (BEC)

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