Sedimentology, Geochemistry and Geotechnics

The Facility is dedicated to the pre-treatment (drying, grinding, filtration. etc ... ) of marine sediment and seawater samples and to carry out sedimentological, geochemical and geotechnical analyses of marine sediment samples.

Some of these activities are:

  • Characterization of particle size
  • Elemental Analysis: C/N. TOC. Mercury
  • Processing samples of Sediment Traps
  • Quantification of the biogenic opal and calcium carbonate.
  • Density, magnetic susceptibility and wave P-velocity profiles with a multisensory core logger system.
  • Consistency limits and sediment moisture and density
  • Compressibility, permeability and strength characteristics (CRS and IL consolidation, triaxial testing, flow-through permeability)

Laboratory managers:

Sedimentology: Elena Martínez
Geochemistry: Neus Maestro, Sílvia de Diago
Geotechnics: Roger Urgelés

Technical resources and equipment
  • HORIBA LA-950V2 Analyzer
  • LECO AMA254 Advanced Mercury
  • Spectrophotometer SHIMAOZU UV-VIS
  • JENCONS Perimatic peristaltic pump dispenser and JENCONS Perimatic P
  • Telstar Lyoalfa 10- 55
  • Mulli-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL) GEOTECH
  • GDS Instruments Triaxial Automated System (Load Frame type).
  • GDS Instruments Constant Rate of Strain Cell (CRS in Load Frame type).
  • GDS Instruments Consolidation Testing System (Rowe and Barden Type)
  • ELE Automated British fall cone