Roger Urgeles

Research group leader
Senior Researcher

Dr Urgeles actively researches on offshore geohazards, continental margin hydrogeology, polar margins sedimentology and geomorphology and the long-term evolution of continental margins. He combines geophysical methods, geotechnical engineering, sedimentology and numerical models to deepen our understanding of offshore geohazards. Dr. Urgeles has led two IGCP projects on submarine landslides funded by IUGS and UNESCO, he is vice-chairman of the Marine Engineering Geology Commission (C34) of the International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment and leader of the working group on salt tectonics, fluids and geohazards of the network “Uncovering the Mediterranean salt giant” (MEDSALT) funded by the COST Association. He was chief editor of the journal Marine Geophysical Research from 2015 to 2019 and was distinguished lecturer by the European Consortium on Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD) as well as ECORD delegate to the Site Survey Panel of the Integrated Ocean drilling Program (IODP). He has participated in 24 national, 13 European and 7 international research projects of which he has led 11 and has been invlved in 11 contracts with industry, of which he has coordinated 5.