Elisa Berdalet

Senior Researcher

My general objective has been to contribute to the advance of the understanding of the structure and dynamics of marine planktonic ecosystems, and their responses to environmental and/or anthropogenic forcings.

During one part of my scientific career I worked on the characterization of the physiological state of plankton microorganism using biochemical approaches based on the estimation of RNA, DNA, protein and microbial respiration. I am also focused on the impacts of physical forcings (from small cell scale to mesoscale) on phytoplankton ecophysiology and dynamics, in particular of harmful algal blooms (HABs). Since 2010 my research addresses the ecophysiology (including toxin production), natural bloom dynamics, toxicogenic aerosol production and health and ecosystem impacts of the toxic benthic dinoflagellate Ostreopsis cf ovata. More recently I started to investigate the link of phytoplankton activity in polar waters with aerosol processes contributing to climate regulation.

Since 2008 I am involved in two international programs for research coordination on harmful algal blooms, GEOHAB (2008-2015) as Vice-Chair and GlobalHAB (2016-2020) as Chair (www.globalhab.info).