Research group

Plankton Ecology and Ocean Health

Multidisciplinary studies of plankton ecology for a healthy ocean

The group pursues to advance the knowledge of the marine pelagic ecosystem, promote novel research and foster social awareness of the significance of protecting ocean health. Our main research focuses on studying the structure and dynamics of plankton, its response to environmental disturbances, and its role in the cycling of key chemical elements in the ocean. We investigate the response of plankton ecosystems to ocean warming, stratification, acidification, turbulence, atmospheric deposition, continental runoff and pollution, and explore solutions to abate anthropogenic impacts. In order to tackle these objectives, we use a wide array of laboratory techniques, innovative experimental and field approaches, time series monitoring, remote sensing data analysis, and computer model simulations. By integrating these approaches, methodologies and analytical tools, we aim to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the ocean plankton ecosystem.

Most relevant information


    Elisa Berdalet is Chair of the Scientific Steering Committee of the IOC/UNESCO and SCOR program GlobalHAB (


    Franz Peters is the Secretary of the Plataforma One Health.


    Franz Peters is the Director of the journal Scientia Marina.

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